Under what circumstances do you need to unlock your AT&T phone?

Have you met the situation when you newly bought a refurbished unlocked AT&T cellphone, after some time, it got locked again? Have you bothered when you plan to switch carriers for a different network provider, but it is still under contract? Or when you travel to other countries with a locked at&t cellphone, you cannot use a foreign sim card to avoid expensive roaming rates for international phone calls and high expenses of surfing the internet. To deal with these annoying and depressing headache issues and set your phone free, we have to learn how to unlock your at&t cellphone efficiently.

Three prerequisites and two preparations for unlocking AT&T cellphone?

Before unlocking your AT&T cellphone, there are some prerequisites that you need to check to meet the unlocking requirement:

  • Your at&t cellphone account needs to be in good standing. Up to date, it can not have any overdue bills.
  • Your phone must be purchased fully paid.
  • Your phone must be active on the AT&T Network for at least 60 days ( installment plan) or six months ( prepaid plan).

In addition to the above three prerequisites, two other pieces of information also need to be prepared in advances to unlock the phone.

First: Your phone number and account information

Second: Your phone’s IMEI or MEID number

If you do not know what your IMEI number is, you can find this by dialing *#06# on your AT&T phone

four Steps to unlock your AT&T cellphone

After the above information is well prepared, now please go to the AT&T unlocking portal to proceed step by step as below

First step: Go to att.com/deviceunlock and select the option Unlock your device

unlock your AT&T cellphone
Second step: please select Yes to specify AT&T customers and fill out the other remaining information in the form which you prepare in advance.

Third step: after you complete and submit the required information, AT&T will send you an email within 24 hours, and make sure to click on the link sent in the email to confirm that you want your phone unlocked. Please note that the confirmation emails are only valid for 24 hours. After the expiration time, it will need to go through the entire process again.

last step: Please wait 2-3 business days. AT&T will confirm with you whether your unlocking request is accepted or not.

Notification on changing network carries

The last but not least point that needs to remember is that not all phones work with each carrier. After unlocking your phone, before you switch to another network carrier, please be sure to go to your preferred carrier web and use their compatibility check tool to see if your phone is compatible or not.