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The GPS feature of your smartphone is crucial for location-based apps such as weather or mapping. However, such tracking may become uncomfortable, if not oppressive, at times. There are ways to cheat the location-tracking functions on your cellphone, whether you’re a teenager attempting to hide from your parents or, more seriously, someone with an abusive significant other who is compulsively keeping tabs on them.

But you’ll need some aid from others to get it done. There isn’t a one-button setting that can quickly change your virtual location, whether you use an Android or an iPhone.

But don’t panic, since in this post, we’ve gathered crucial information for you that will assist you in spoofing your position on your phone (Android or IOS)

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Reasons Why We Need To Spoof Location

Following are the reasons which would demonstrate the need to spoof the location of your phone:

1.Forget About The Tracking

We’ve all heard that organizations and services may utilize your internet IP address to monitor your whereabouts. It can be helpful at times, but it can also be a little… nasty.

Unbeknownst to most people, GPS is another method for tracking your whereabouts; after all, we almost always have our cellphones with us everywhere we go these days. If this worries you and you want an extra layer of privacy protection, a GPS spoofing solution might assist you in concealing your actual position.

2.Update Your Android Device

Have you ever read about the release of some awesome-looking new Android software upgrades, only to be disappointed when you realize that they’re only available in certain parts of the world? Isn’t it vexing?

If you know which countries have received the operating system update, you may spoof your location to that country and install the device update as if you were there.

3.Extend Your Dating Pool

Have you swiped left so often that your index finger has gone numb? If all of your local matches on your dating app are duds rather than the match of your dreams, it may be time to cast a broader net. Change your GPS location (to a server still close to you – there’s no point seeking a hook up on the other side of the world), and a fresh pool of prospective love prospects will begin to emerge the next time you log in to your dating app.

Unfortunately, this does not work with all dating apps. Some applications that have significantly enhanced their security (for example, Tinder and Grindr) will resist your attempts to fake your location.

4.Capture Pokemon From All Around The World

Pokemon Go is another app that is ideal for location faking because it is driven by GPS. If you currently live in a remote area, you generally don’t have a lot of Pokemon, Pokestops, and Gyms to choose from.

However, if you relocate to New York City or London, you will be spoiled with choice. You’ll also have access to the most recent Pokemon Go updates.

5.Keep Up With The Most Recent Movies And Television Series

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have hundreds of TV series and movies in their libraries, but new releases are sometimes only available in a few regions at first.

If a movie or television program isn’t accessible where you live, simply update your GPS position to a nation where it has been released, and you’ll be able to view it. Overall, location faking will vastly increase your ability to view internet content.

How to Change Your Location Online Using Geo-Spoofing?

Geo-spoofing is the technique of altering your location or nation online in order to seem to be in a different area. It’s really common, and it’s generally accomplished by utilizing a VPN.

The most typical motivations for using geo-spoofing are to get access to prohibited material, applications, and streaming services or to disguise your actual location to safeguard your privacy.

Here’s How To Use A VPN To Spoof Your Location On Android Phones:

If you search Google Play for “fake GPS,” you’ll discover many apps, some free, some not, and others that require your phone to be rooted.

Spoof GPS Free is an app that doesn’t require your phone to be rooted as long as you’re running Android 6.0 or newer, and it’s pretty simple to use to fake your Android phone’s position.

1.First, sign up for a VPN service – we recommend NordVPN in particular. Surfshark and ExpressVPN, on the other hand, are two excellent choices.

2.After that, download and install the VPN program on your device. Many of the top VPNs now include Chrome and Firefox browser plugins.

3.Launch your VPN program (or browser extension) and connect to a server in the country you wish to surf from. For example, to unblock Netflix US, you’d utilize a server in the United States.

4.Now have a new temporary IP address to utilize to access geo-restricted internet material.

Are you still unable to access prohibited content? Clear the cache and cookies in your browser. You can also connect to another server if your IP address has been blocked. Alternatively, you may contact your VPN’s customer service for assistance.

Here’s how to use an iTools to Spoof your location on your iPhone without jailbreaking it:

Tricking your iPhone’s location without jailbreaking it is no longer an impossible feat. You may now easily fake your location thanks to apps like iTools. It was created by the ThinkSky Company and is one of the leading applications that allows you to change your location. Using this tool’s virtual location function, you may deceive the location from your GPS data. The following is a tutorial on using iTool:

1.Connect your iPhone to your PC after downloading and installing the iTools app.

2.Launch the tool, navigate to the Toolbox page, and select the Virtual Location function to start a false GPS location.

3.Select Virtual Location. Enter GPS coordinates or any address into the search box and press the Go button.

4.Enter the address and click the Go button. Now, hit the Move here option to move your iPhone’s location to your specified new place.

5.Simply click the Stop Simulation button to discover your location.

That’s how you may use iTools to change the location of your iPhone without jailbreaking it. However, if you do not want to cease transmitting your bogus GPS position, simply close the iTools program.

Top 7 Apps for Spoofing Your Phone’s Location

There are several reasons to spoof your location, ranging from playing mobile games to deceiving Netflix. Here are the most acceptable Android applications for doing so.

Do you want to know how to capture those location-specific Pokémon in Go? Do you want to get your hands on any rare Harry Potter: Wizards Unite “foundables” that are only accessible in another country? Or do you simply want to deceive your buddies into believing you’re on the other side of the world? So you’ll need a GPS snooper!

Here are the top Android GPS spoofing applications. These are all free and do not necessitate rooting or jailbreaking your smartphone or tablet. Instead, you can tamper with your device’s Developer option.

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