What is Google FRP(Factory Reset Protection)

Google has always made sure that the security and safety of users are placed first and top on their list. Google has established a security feature FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock with the latest Android versions, particularly 5.1 (Lollipop), in the hopes of fraudulent activities that seek to undermine factory reset options rendering phones. In this way, your phone’s vital data will be safeguarded. However, in the second case, It can be a big problem for users who have forgotten their Google account passwords. If they cannot remember their password or Google account, their phone would be rendered useless. For these two important matters, developers came up with a solution known as google FRP.

Why do we need to bypass google frp?

The purpose of google verification is to prevent the client from a security breach when the device gets stolen, The thief usually wipes off your all data and performs the factory reset. Google FRP plays a dominant role here. Before resetting the phone, it requests the user’s credentials. The device will stop working if the person performs the reset without providing account information. It will keep asking for the details of the actual owner. If the individual fails to provide accurate information, the mobile phone will be blocked after several attempts.

So, if the person has a phone and did a factory reset without knowing the credentials of the Google account, the user can be in big trouble. Users must remember their Email ID and Password as the Google account to use on the Android phone. Well, if users have forgotten the Email ID or Password, the users need to do is to bypass the google FRP lock or the verification of the Google account. This article will thoroughly guide you through the effective methods available to you for successfully bypassing Google FRP lock on your Android phone.

bypass google account verification

The solution to bypass google FRP

Now, the question arises, can the google FRP be ever bypassed? The answer is Yes! If users do not know or forget the Email ID and Password, they should use the proper method for unlocking the google FRP lock. First, it asks for the language and wi-fi connection and asks to log in with a google account previously synced with. After the wi-fi connection, it needs to choose the google keyboard layout with the help to hold the space bar button. Easily connect the phone by wi-fi; now go into the signing page, and the three dots on the top right-hand side click on help and feedback; click on this.

Tab and select anything or any word; after selecting, click on web search and then. Just open it via the Google app, seeing the search result. See the system setting icon; just hit that icon. It will get into the backup and Reset option and click on factory data reset. Just click on it, erase everything, and it will start resetting the phone. This process will take five to ten minutes. Approximately after that, the welcome page will be shown on the phone.

Here are detailed steps to bypass google frp on your device

The first thing is to connect the device to the WIFI network.

2. Next, you will see the Google account verification interface, and the keyboard will appear on the screen. Here, you need to press and hold the “@” key on the keyboard and hold it until the appearance of Settings and choose “Google Keyboard Settings”.

3. Carry on with the Setup until you’re prompted to enter your Google Account details. Tap the text box on that screen to enter your email address or phone number.

4. Navigate to the right-hand corner of your screen, click the three dots for the options to appear, and select help & feedback.

5.Now, from your keyboard, hit the search Google and send the result option, and a guide will show, which you can ignore or overlook.

6.A web page will open. Press and hold down on any word on the page until a menu is displayed. Now, your device will highlight your selected word in blue colour, then tap Web Search from the menu and select Google App.

7.Choose the next step to press Google App, and this step will bring up results from online sources for the word you just searched for

8. A system settings icon will show up on the result home page; press the System setting icon -> Backup & Reset -> Factory Data Reset

9. Finally, you have to restart your device and connect with Wi-Fi. Once you can complete this successfully, there’s no need to insert your previous Gmail account. You only need to add a new Google account now that you’ve successfully bypassed Google account verification.

10. After you’re finished with the Setup, you should be able to use your device.this time there would be no Google Account Verification.


Again, To reaffirm, bypassing the FRP lock and Google verification on any other person’s device is illegal. Many people do this for legitimate reasons, such as forgetting their login information or purchasing a refurbished phone, as mentioned in the detailed article above.

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